1. Orange color is long gone!

bad orange spray tan

The myth that all spray tans turn you orange is just that..a myth. Period. Mystic tan and other cheaper solutions have left a bad taste in consumers mouths and bad color on their bodies from the humble beginnings of sunless tanning. Sunless tanning solutions have come a long way since those early days. The active ingredient (DHA) in spray tanning solution has been refined and more importantly the additives in the solution are higher grade. Brand names we recommend are: Norvell Amber Sun and Versa Spa.

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2. Quickness and Ease of Use

Bad spray tan

No more anxiety and hassle of a booth! It’s like that Friends episode where Ross gets a two on front and then doesn’t turn around in time and gets another two on the same side. If you are thinking of trying sunless, skip the booth and get it airbrushed. Spray tan technicians spray you evenly and adjust to the contours of your body; something a booth can’t do.

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3. Self-esteem

Tanning Self esteem

Who doesn’t feel better when they have a tan? Tan is in! You will instantly feel better about your appearance without the hassle of tanning multiple times a week.

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4. Instant Results

Tanning Oasis spray tan

See your results instantly or at least 4-6 hours later. The DHA in the sunless solution takes only a few hours to set in, then following your shower, you will be tan for at least 7 days. You remove the threat of sunburn and again are saving multiple trips to the salon.

5. Events

Wedding day spray tan

Sometimes important events creep up on us. If you need to get a little color and you only have two days, traditional tanning will not be ideal. Even the day of the event is not too late to be sprayed given you allow the 4-6 hours of “downtime” so the solutions sets in properly.

6. Aging. Wrinkles. Skin Cancer.

Young tanned woman with blond hair.

If your family has a history of melanoma or you are fair skinned, it would be prudent to not only stay out of the tanning bed but out of the sun as well. Or maybe you are just a little worried about premature aging and wrinkles- whatever the reason, you should look to sunless tanning as a viable option. No ones skin is the same, but now everyone has the ability to be darker than they are currently. This is a big deal.

7. Simplicity

Tanning Oasis lotion prices

You don’t have to worry about “which” lotion to use in “which” kind of bed for “how” long. With sunless tanning, there are only one or two decisions to be made: light, normal or dark. Sometimes it is simpler than that with the only choice being a normal spray tan or slightly darker with the help of bronzing drops.

8. Less Maintenance

Tanning Oasis New Lumina 15 Minute tanning bed

Once you get your sunless tan, the only maintenance you will perform is applying lotion to your body after you shower. Forget three or four trips to the tanning salon each week. Don’t use a loofah in the shower (list of other things to avoid) and stay moisturized afterwards. That’s it.

9. Better Coverage


Tanning beds are notorious for leaving tan lines. White pressure points on your back, stripes on your side, and feet that don’t get tan are synonymous with tanning in a traditional tanning bed. With sunless tanning, you need not worry about tan lines because you get sprayed wearing whatever you want- usually nothing at all. Sunless tanning technicians perceive which parts of your body need to be sprayed a little darker to blend with the rest of your body; something a tanning bed could never achieve.

10. No Tan Lines

Tanning Oasis spray tan line

Don’t worry if you have a current tan line that needs to be gone. We can get rid of those ugly tan lines in one day!!