The Inspiration 600, Super Cyclone stand-up booth and Inspiration 550 are all included in the Premier package as well as Deluxe and Classic beds.

The best of both worlds. The Premier beds are level 3 units which are comprised of the 12-minute Inspiration 600, the 8-minute Super Cyclone stand-up booth and the 10-minute Inspiration 550.

Inspiration 600

Eye-catching styling and a fascinating LED Light Show give this tanning unit an unmistakable look. Members have their preferred comfort settings stored in the bed and ready for you when you tan. Its air conditioning system has been optimized for improved cooling and the large tanning tunnel with wide, ergonomically shaped acrylic and stereo sound system provides an outstanding tanning session.

Super Cyclone

The most advanced, ultra-high performance vertical tanning system the industry has to offer. Comfort and efficiency is emphasized in this stand-up unit by combining a short 8-minute exposure time with a 2000 cfm body cooling fan. Extreme results in a short amount of time.

Inspiration 550

The all new has combined trusted performance from 38 UV lamps along with 14 Smart Sun lamps, which are a perfect combination of UV and Red Light in the same lamp, providing a more golden, natural looking tan. Featuring the Personal Sunstyle, users can reduce UV output during a session and while maintaining the benefits of Red Light for the body and face. Red Light LED‘s are featured in the facial area to further enhance the benefits of skin care and create a more effective tanning session. Fully equipped with all standard options and Bluetooth.



  • Level 3 Unit
  • 12-Minute Exposure Time
  • Air Conditioning
  • Acrylic Cooling
  • 200 Watt Body Lamps
  • 400 Watt Facial Lamps
  • Bodyform Acrylic
  • 8-Minute Exposure Time
  • Level 3 Unit
  • 24-MPH Cooling Fan
  • 220 Watt Long Lamps





Tanning in Tuscaloosa with Inspiration 550
  • Hybrid Performance
  • 10-Minute Exposure Time
  • UV & Red Light in Harmony
  • Facial Red Light LED’s
  • Comfort Cooling
  • Acrylic Bodyform Plus

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  • for Non-Members
  • No sign-up fees
  • No contract

VIP Unlimited

  • for VIP Members
  • You get: Premier, Deluxe, & Classic beds
  • Best of both worlds

30-Day Plan

  • for Non-Members
  • You get: Premier, Deluxe, & Classic beds
  • Unlimited Tanning

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The Elite tanning package is the most popular package we offer. It includes our Prestige and Open Sun as well as ALL other beds.


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The DELUXE tanning package is our workhorse package. It includes our 12-minute Advantage 400 beds as well as the Classic beds.


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Classic tanning is our entry-level tanning package. It includes our 12-minute Sunstar 432 beds.