Prestige 1600, Open Sun 1050 and Sunrise 7200 are included in the Elite package as well as ALL other beds.

Our most popular package. The Elite beds are level 4 units including the 10-minute Prestige 1600, the 12-minute Open Sun 1050 and the 9-minute Sunrise 7200.

Prestige 1600

Groundbreaking Hybrid Light Technology from Ergoline is a unique combination of UV and Red Light in harmony to deliver a new level of tanning and skin care results. Ergoline has combined trusted performance with SmartSun lamps, which are the perfect combination of UV and Red Light in the same lamp. The effect of this holistic environment creates synergistic effects between Red Light and UV, providing a more natural looking tan.

Open Sun 1050

The Open Sun 1050 makes a statement with 30 high-pressure units perfectly aligned along the canopy and base. This Ergoline flagship demonstrates how powerful, cool and comfortable high-pressure tanning can be. The Open Sun 1050’s massive power and features are controlled by a panel with 32-field LED display. All operating controls are within your reach and are marked with simple picture icons.

Sunrise 7200

Experience Hybrid Performance in a whole new light with the all New Ergoline Sunrise 7200 Hybrid. At first glance the vertical design inspires with its unique LED lightshow. The bright interior invites your customers to a new tanning experience. The 3D sound system with Bluetooth® connect transforms the Sunrise into a dance floor! The new surround cooling plus ventilation guarantees that your customers keep cool during their session, delivering a fresh breeze from head to toe. All comfort settings can be easily set at the touch of a button on the new, easy-to-use Smart Control Panel.


  • Level 4 Unit
  • 10 Minute Exposure Time
  • Red Light Therapy
  • Your Personalized Settings
  • Temptronic tanning tunnel
  • Air Conditioning
  • Ergonomic Acrylic
  • Aqua Fresh Aromatherapy
  • Bluetooth®Connect
  • Shoulder tanners
  • Level 4 Unit
  • 12 Minute Exposure Time
  • High-Pressure Lamps
  • Ergonomic Acrylic
  • Stereo Sound
  • Powerful Fan Cooling

Open Sun



  • Hybrid Performance
  • 9-Minute Exposure Time
  • Vertical Design
  • Bluetooth Connect
  • Surround Cooling Plus
  • Smart Control Panel

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The Premier tanning package offers the best of both worlds. It includes our 12-minute Inspiration and 8-minute Super Cyclone stand-up as well as the Deluxe & Classic beds.


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The DELUXE tanning package is our workhorse package. It includes our 12-minute Advantage 400 beds as well as the Classic beds.


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Classic tanning is our entry-level tanning package. It includes our 12-minute Sunstar 432 beds with facial tanning. It does not include any other beds.