After Your Spray Tan

After you get sprayed, the next few hours are the most important if you want your spray tan to look its best.

Your recommended shower time depends on which solution you choose. Do not get wet or sweat until your first shower.  This allows the solution to interact with your skin and “set in”. After waiting the allotted time, you are free to shower. Now when you shower you will see the “instant” bronzers wash off and when you get out; you will look amazing! Only use your hands and soap for the duration of the spray tan to help the spray last longer. Each time you get out of the shower PAT DRY and keep lotion on to help your spray last longer.


  • Hot showers (only warm)

  • Dove Soap

  • Mineral Oil

  • ALL over-the-counter lotions

  • Hair Removers

  • Anti-aging Products

  • Retin-A Products

  • Witch Hazel

  • Facial Masks

  • Exfoliating Scrubs

  • Oil of Olay products


  • Norvell Body Butter

  • Norvell Venetian Self Tanner
  • Norvell Prolong


  • Norvell Shower Cleanser

  • Norvell Faces

We understand not everyone wants to purchase lotion specific to spray tanning but you desperately need to use lotion that won’t strip your tan. Most brand name lotions contain alcohol and mineral oil which strip your tan.